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Top 10 Reasons Why a Business Should Sponsor SVIBA

  • Take A Leading Role: As the first information technology industry alliance, SVIBA is positioned to be the premier Information Business Exchange (IBX) between Silicon Valley and China. SVIBA IBX network is "High Powered" by leading businesses and institutions. SVIBA's business members' are expected to account for 70+% IT GDP in Silicon Valley and 90+% of high-tech parks and 70+% large enterprises in China in as soon as a few years.

  • The Right Solution for the Right Business Need: SVIBA creates value for business members by promoting, integrating, and aligning IT, Wireless, and Biotech products and solutions with specific business needs in China.

  • SideStep Politics: Through SVIBA's long-term partnerships with China's largest High-tech Parks and Economic & Technology Development Organizations, US businesses can gain timely insider access to market analysis data and business opportunities throughout China.

  • Pool of Resources: SVIBA's core members and associates have more than 100 cumulative years of experience in IT infrastructure, enterprise software solutions, technology management, and business transformation. We understand cutting-edge technologies as well as China's IT, Wireless and Biotech market and business operations.

  • Reach the New Level: SVIBA creates enhanced US member presence in China by cultivating new channels. This is valuable for all large and small companies, regardless whether they may be building or planning to build extensive channels in China. Sheer market size and segmentation means that overlapping the efforts of the SVIBA IBX network is minimal.

  • Minimum Input/Maximum Return: For small and medium size companies in the Silicon Valley/US which lack a strong international marketing and sales force, the networking assistance and cost effective gateway-to-gateway platform provided by SVIBA will enable their entry into China's vast market, instead of building an often costly and inefficient individual point-to-point connections.

  • "An ideal Hi-Tech Business Gateway." China is in the process of transforming regional and traditional businesses into global and knowledge-based businesses. One of their first strategies is to establish business networking with companies, organizations and high-caliber individuals who can help Chinese businesses. In particular, they are moving toward reshaping market strategies, identifying technologies and resources, and cultivating partnerships with technology leaders in the US. SVIBA is an ideal Hi-Tech business gateway for Chinese businesses to reach US solution and technology providers.

  • "Enabling Collaborative Opportunities." SVIBA empowers businesses by seizing the collaborative opportunities and partnerships with IT forces between Silicon Valley and China. With direct collaboration with China's IT organizations, SVIBA can group highly-competent and economic technical resources from China to join SVIBA team to delivery IT solutions in China utilizing business members' proven products.

  • Strategic Market Knowledge: SVIBA consistently monitors and explores China's gigantic, dynamic market opportunities through key channels, alliances and contacts. SVIBA enhances US business members' presence in China through cultivation of new business channels, as well as integrating their flagship products into the total holistic solution tailored for Chinese businesses.

  • SVIBA @ Center Stage: SVIBA is incubated at the center of technology and the heart of Silicon Valley; It is superbly designed to act as a knowledge-based gateway to link Silicon Valley's unparalleled technology leadership, abundant IT resources, venture capital, and technology management talent pool with emerging business opportunities in China.

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