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  1. Expand Your Horizon: How many of us have been confronted with the notion of "you're not on our radar" ... too small to gain the attention of a large company. One unique function of SVIBA IBX is creating alliances on your behalf ... we think that venture investment only comes after partnering is properly done and once you have well equipped the foundation of entrepreneurship.

  2. Focal Entrepreneurship: Join with other SVIBA individuals who function in an entrepreneur mode and proactively create special "business situations".

  3. Essential Business Partnership: SVIBA IBX is all about business networking, teamed efforts, and win-win actions. The business networking is priceless and it is built-in as a sustaining, long-term relationship.

  4. "Real Ideas by Real Projects:" SVIBA IBX provides a platform for generating real world business ideas and projects for its members that lead to "cut-through" entrepreneurial opportunities.

  5. "Leaders @ Center Stage:" SVIBA as an IT industry alliance seats at the center of technology and heart of Silicon Valley and it is run by well-recognized industry leading members.

  6. "Profit Through Collaboration:" SVIBA members expect to profit by participating in each other's enterprises as principals, employees, consultants, and/or investors.

  7. "A Win-Win Multiplier:" In addition to priceless business networking, you fully benefit from the work by other members, which is a superbly designed win-win "multiplier" that ensures direct, positive impact on what you pursue.

  8. "Unique Programs, Unique Experience:" Get the entrepreneurial experience that is usually not available from somewhere else.

  9. "Making the History:" China's elevation to an informationalized country would be a one and only one time historical event, especially as China is to emerge as a global IT manufacturing center in next two decades. It is the moment to be a part of the team that will be successful.

  10. Opportunity of Earning an Income: Although it may appear small, you can profit from SVIBA's consulting projects.

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