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SVIBA welcomes professionals of various disciplines, such as IT, biotech, wireless, business development, accounting, banking and finance, educational training, etc, to apply for SVIBA professional membership.

SVIBA is a premier organization which recognizes that its success is built upon successful members. SVIBA also recognizes that each individual has his/her own potential to become successful in business and career growth.

SVIBA welcomes those people with right combination of ambition, capability, and personality can really benefit and succeed from SVIBA's goal oriented approach.

SVIBA requires each member to demonstrate and commit his/her knowledge, time, and efforts into SVIBA communities. At the same time, SVIBA will invest in each professional member by assigning senior professional members to coach and nurture new professional members to become productive members to SVIBA community.

The ideal professional members of SVIBA are talented professionals who are

  • Participate and contribute to SVIBA project meetings. Be a constructive, flexible and contributing team player.
  • contemplating to start own business,
  • in a process of starting own company,
  • pursuing career advancement within an organization,
  • excelling to be a high achiever,
  • polishing management skill to become corporate executives,
  • having the flexibility of time in pursuing aforementioned initiatives,
  • and most of all, committed to become a long time SVIBA family member.

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