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   What is Entrepreneur Center
  The SVIBA Entrepreneur Center is the platform for SVIBA entrepreneurs and people who are willing to be entrepreneurs to look for the resource, partners, projects, services and VC fund...

SVIBA Entrepreneur Center is a consortium of service providers in the accounting, financial planning, legal, marketing and insurance industries. Each provider is an independent business that shares the SVIBA vision and cooperates with others in client services.

The Entrepreneur Center will hold regular seminars, forum discussions and workshops to help our members to achieve financial independence and success. It is also a net work of professional service providers that offers excellent services and substantial discounts to clients of each other.

The member's success is SVIBA's success. SVIBA welcomes business providers join our team to support and help SVIBA entrepreneurs from their start-up steps such as company setting up, tax, business loan, VC funding... If you are intrested in joining the business services provider's list, please email us at info@sviba.org

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