Daniel Fu

Vice President of Technology
Conexant Systems Inc.

Daniel Fu is currently a VP of Technology at Conexant Systems Inc. (a large communications IC company based in Newport Beach, California). He also sits on advisory boards of Woodside Fund, Wassersteim & Co Venture and some startup companies in US and China.

Daniel was the CTO/president and founder of Poseidon Technology/HotRail Inc. in 1994 and later was acquired by Conexant Systems. HotRail developed industry leading products for multiprocessor switching chipsets, multi-giga Hz transceiver and SerDes chips, and network switch/router switch fabric chipsets. Many of the breakthrough technologies are developed by outstanding people from China and whom have become industry leaders. Daniel has patents in the area of circuit design, control systems, digital signal processing, multiprocessor architecture, and network switching system architecture areas.

Daniel was an architect, technical marketing manager, digital design engineer at Digital Equipment Corp. for 8 years. Daniel Fu came to US for graduate study at EE of Univ. of Arizona from Beijing, China in 1983.