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  About Us: Mission Statement
SVIBA - Doing Business at the Speed of Thought. SVIBA is on a mission to bridge information economy and to foster partnership between Silicon Valley and China business communities, in the field of information technology and its application to business transformation. Specifically the exchange of IT, Biotechnology, Wireless and business solutions that

  • Enable and transform business through effective and efficient use of technology.

  • Empower businesses to seize the collaborative opportunities and partnerships in the era of globalization.

  • Build the innovation and operational value chain networks that increase profitability, enhance customer satisfaction, elevate competitiveness, contain cost, shorten product cycle, and act nimbly in dynamic global marketplace.

  • Get the right information, in the right context, to the right business, at the right time, for the right business purpose.

   SVIBA promotes the exchange of information businesses between Silicon Valley and China. SVIBA also promtoes entrepreneurial spirit by using our platform to look for your VC fund, your partners, and information resources
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