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SVIBA - Networked Economy Enablement and Transformation Through Technology.
"I" - Information: In the new knowledge economy, information is the business currency. Generically "i" epitomizes the technologies that enable and transform businesses in the new economy.
"B" - Business: In the new economy, virtually all businesses are "information businesses" whereby technology is the key business enabler and transformer. Business requires seamless integration with technology such that a value chain network of information businesses are able to get the right information, in the right context, to the right business, at the right time, for the right purpose.
"A Trumpet Model" - Small input yields large returns: For information businesses the input is total cost of ownership(TCO) while the output is return on investment(ROI). Information businesses have the same set of goals - increase profitability, enhance customer satisfaction, elevate competitiveness, act nimbly in a dynamic marketplace and embrace opportunities of partnerships and alliances in the value chains of global collaborative economy. In short, business is about value creation and profitability, therefore, the lowest possible TCO and highest ROI are the key to the success of information businesses. It is a "trumpet model" as it graphically resembles a trumpet.
"4 x i" - Information eXchange: The best relationships - personal or professional - are marked by immediacy, flexibility and collaboration. Essentially, in the digital era it is about the exchange of information. Knowledge economy is about "yielding products that essentially are congealed knowledge with little resources and operating under increasing returns."(Harvard Business Review, 1996). A knowledge economy would not be made possible without information exchange.
"4 x i + 4 x B" - Information Business eXchange(IBX): In ancient Chinese, the number "4" represents "wholeness", e.g., four seasons make up a year. SVIBA's IBX is scoped as the exchange of information businesses, anything relates to the fundamentals of information businesses - from business process to project management, from business applications to IT infrastructure etc.. Specifically, holistic and collaborative business solutions that are agile, reliable and secure, most importantly, optimal return-on-investment(ROI) and total-cost-ownership(TCO). These solutions are business-centric, serve as core business-enabler to fundamentals of collaborative commerce. The key value that SVIBA IBX brings about is that it directly connects information business solution vendors with business owners between Silicon Valley and China.
   SVIBA promotes the exchange of information businesses between Silicon Valley and China. SVIBA also promtoes entrepreneurial spirit by using our platform to look for your VC fund, your partners, and information resources
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