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  About Us: What is SVIBA
Silicon Valley Information Business Alliance is a non-profit organization based in Northern California San Francisco Bay Area, the Silicon Valley. It was established in 2001 by a group of professionals who were inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the Silicon Valley.

Our mission is to form an alliance of entrepreneurs, emergent growth companies, venture capital funds, financial institutions and professional service providers, who are interested in information exchange and business collaboration in order to achieve a same set of common goals: increase profitability, enhance customer satisfaction, elevate competitiveness, act nimbly in a dynamic market place and embrace opportunities of partnerships and alliances in the value chains of global collaborative economy.

Beyond local business, SVIBA also promotes information business exchange between the Silicon Valley and Asia, especially the Greater China Regions. In the next decade or two, China will be on a critical path to transform its traditional economy into a new knowledge based economy. SVIBA sees the criticality and synergy of information business exchange between the two sides of the Pacific and is positioned to be a premier platform for our members to explore and realize such opportunities.

   SVIBA promotes the exchange of information businesses between Silicon Valley and China. SVIBA also promtoes entrepreneurial spirit by using our platform to look for your VC fund, your partners, and information resources
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